Class Structure

First stage – a free no obligation session with your child to introduce the program offerings and determine what program and time is best suited to your individual needs.

Programs Offered:

Beginner Group Lesson – classes with a ratio 4 players per coach. This level caters for children just starting out. Using ‘red ball’ for locomotive and perceptual skills.

Intermediate Group Lesson – classes with a ratio of 4 players per coach. These classes are aimed at the older beginner player or children who have finished their beginner training. Using ‘green ball’ to progress further footwork and other tactical movements/ placement of shot selection.

Shared Private – get together with a friend and share the cost of a private lesson. Class times range from 30 minutes through to 1 hour. Depending on standard red, orange and green ball will be used.

Private Lesson – offered as 1 on 1 tuition. Class times range from 30 minutes through to 1 hour.

All of the above classes can be structured around individual’s requirements and at a time to suit you.



Squads are designed to develop skills in all levels of players in a competitive environment. These sessions are rally-based with less technical information, which enhances match-play and adds to the technical and tactical development of a players’ all-round game.  Kids who attend squad are expected to already be undertaking some form of group or private lesson.

Junior Squad – Junior Squad offers a pathway to the Senior and Elite squads. Junior squad develops good habits in training and prepares players for tournament and pennant competition. Tactical and court etiquette is a very important life skill.

Intermediate Squad – this squad caters for current tournament and pennant players who want to progress to the next level of their tennis development. It is here that there is implementation of the importance of physical fitness, footwork and the ability to handle pressure in tournament situations. Tactical and court etiquette is a very important life skill.

Advanced/Elite Squad – these players are playing tournaments at a state or national level. These sessions for 3 hours; with a 1 hour off- court component. There is a focus on tactical play regarding consequence of shot selection and the consequences in a match situation. These groups attend tournaments together with a coach and are instructed on how to behave professionally; including game plans, physical preparedness (warm up, stretching), recovery, match analysis.


Cardio Tennis (Ages 18+)

This is a great workout that incorporates your tennis skills. Join us for a fun tennis activity whilst getting in a cardio workout.